The Google Cloud Partner Association is a member organisation made up of leading cloud IT companies who believe in the transformational power of Google's platform.

It is over 10 years since the Google Cloud Partner program launched. The Partner ecosystem has changed and matured over that time. Coinciding with the launch of Google's new Partner Advantage Program we are launching the Google Cloud Partner Association.

All of our members are agile, Google Cloud focused IT companies who's goal is to help their customers leverage more from Google's Cloud technologies

What do we do

The association works to increase collaboration amongst Partners by helping engage people across our network to share knowledge and create alliances. Many partners specialise in specific areas of Google's products and this in-depth knowledge can be utilised by other Partners and customers across the globe. We advocate on Partners behalf within the ecosystem raising awareness of concerns or issues Partners face on a day to day basis. We aim to act as a single voice for the Google Cloud Partners everywhere.

Our Goals

- Foster collaboration and innovation amongst Partners. By championing a collaborative approach within the ecosystem. Helping Partners forge alliances and connections across the network.

- Act as a Partner advocate within Google. Representing the challenges and needs of Partners throughout the ecosystem.

- Work with suppliers and ISVs(Integrated Service Vendors) within the ecosystem to get the best possible deal for Partners.